My ordination to the Priesthood was on Saturday, December 12, 1992. There were two of us, both from the Order of the Apostles of Jesus. It was done in the parish of the other priest, 12 miles from my home parish. We were to be ordained together and, while in my own parish (Orussi) there had been two ordinations in the past, in the other parish (Parombo) there had never been any ordination. I had my Thanksgiving Mass in my parish the next day, Sunday, December 13, 1992.

After ordination, I had four weeks at home (thinking of it, it was the last time I celebrated Christmas at home), then I reported to the parish to which I was assigned, Abim Parish, Kotido Diocese, in the north eastern part of Uganda (my home is in the north western part of the country). It was a new parish opened by the Apostles of Jesus and served by three priests: the pastor and two of us parochial vicars. I didn’t have a lot of problem with the dialect since there were similarities with my own language, I had only to watch out for words with different meanings that, when said in my own language, would necessitate going to confession before receiving Holy Communion, and vice versa. 

After two years in Abim parish I was made the pastor of Losilang parish within the same Diocese, but with a different language. In 1998 I was transferred from Kotido Diocese to Galcha parish, Awassa Diocese in Ethiopia. I joined a community of two other priests. Learning the three different languages in Ethiopia was a lot challenging, but when there is no other language in which you can communicate and a good dose of the Holy Spirit, it is possible.

I came to the US in June 2013. In the six years I have been in Harrisburg Diocese I have served at Sacred Heart of Jesus, Lewistown, Hershey Med Center with residence at St. Joan of Arc, Hershey, and now Our Lady Help of Christians, Lykens, and Sacred Heart of Jesus, Williamstown.

Thursday, December 12, 2019 is the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It also is the 27th anniversary of my ordination. As you pray to Our Mother Mary, please, could you mention my name to Her? Include also my mother, and the repose of the soul of my father who died some years back.

God is good!!! All the time!!!

All the time!!! God is good!!!

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