Last weekend was our Missionary Co-operative weekend. It was our participation in helping others to live a decent life, helping those who are less privileged in life to experience God’s love thru us.

Apology to the parishioners who turned up for the Sacrament of Penance and had to wait for some time since the guest priest was late in his travel over Peter’s Mountain.

Since I had the weekend off I went for Mass on Saturday evening to the Most Blessed Trinity Parish, Tremont. It is a beautiful Church and appeared to me to be a little smaller than our Churches. Fr. Paul Rothermel, the Pastor, gave a wonderful homily. They had an organist, no choir, and everyone sang. I also noticed that no one had any emergency that would make a person leave Church immediately after Holy Communion without waiting for the Final Blessing! Actually, we all left after the final hymn. I guess some thought they had a new parishioner: one person said, ‘Welcome, it was nice meeting you’, and Fr. Rothermel said, ‘I hope to see you again, soon!’ Probably it was because I did not introduce myself and I was dressed in ‘civilian’ clothing, or as a child at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Lewistown told me when I was dressed that way, “Today you are putting on ‘people’s clothes”.                  

God is good!!! All the time!!!

All the time!!! God is good!!!

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