My trip home.

 I travelled from Newark airport, New Jersey, through Togo (West Africa) and to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where I had an overnight stopover, and then on to Uganda. It was on Thursday at around 8pm Ugandan time when I arrived home.

On February 8/9, we had our family reunion: 4 of my brothers and 3 sisters came although some of their kids could not come because of school (the school system in Uganda is different from that of the United States). We had a great time together. My brother, the priest, could not come. Celebrating the Mass with the Liturgical dance incorporated in it was also great. It was rather long but it is only after the Mass that you noticed how long it was!

  On February 16, we travelled the more than 700 miles to Nairobi, Kenya, for the General Assembly of the Apostles of Jesus. We contracted a bus that took us and brought us back after the Assembly. We had a great time together. Apart from being together with my brother, it was great to meet some classmates whom I had not met since ordination.

  I had a wonderful time with my family. I spent most of the time at home with my mum, my two brothers and their families and the children of the neighbors who spent most of their time also with us. The temperature ranged between 55°F – 85°F with very low humidity. Our main challenge was having to collect water from more than a mile away.

  My mum, my brothers and sisters and their families were all so very grateful for the gifts that you sent for them. They marvel at how people who do not know them, whom they have never met and may never meet, could be so kind-hearted and generous to them. They told me to pass their gratitude and prayer for each one of you!

God is good!! All the time!! All the time!! God is good!!

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