Every day there are people who are widowed, separated or divorced, lose a job, or discover that they have a serious illness. We surround people with friendship, calls, flowers and cards at the time of crisis or loss. However, after some time passes, we might forget that loneliness and hurt linger. I know many people are “flying with one wing” and are still feeling the pain of past tragedy months and even years later. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind while learning to fly with one wing:

 “Substitute a new way for an old way”. Things are no longer the same. You must learn to replace old ways of thinking, doing and acting with new ways.

     “Forgive”. Every loss brings feelings of anger, guilt, regrets and remorse. The way to let go is to forgive yourself and anyone who has hurt you.

     “Toughen up a bit”. Life is not always smooth, clear sailing. When hard times come, get tough. Self-pity saps your strength and courage. 

     “Face your own worst enemy”. Avoid the “Why me?” syndrome. If you don’t, you will become your own worst enemy, suffocating in self-pity.

     “Concentrate on what you have”. Remember that few situations in life take everything away from you. Even after a great disaster, something is left. Take what remains, thank God for it and ask God to Bless it and expand it.

     “Look for joy”. Look for reasons to laugh, sing and be joyful. Come before the Lord in prayer and smile at Him. He will give you true happiness!

     You can fly with one wing if you make the remaining wing strong enough to keep you flying steadily. Keep believing in God and yourself even if you feel completely crushed. Our Blessed Lord promised us: “I am with you always, until the end…” And He is!

God Bless you and have a good week!

Deacon George +

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