First of all, I want to wish all our Mothers living and deceased a Holy and Joyful Mother’s Day! These indeed have been trying times for all of us, but there is light at the end of this horrible tunnel. Hang in there with Our Lord, and He will see us through this, and we can come back again as an assembly to worship at Holy Mass.

The month of May reminds me of Mary—our joy and our hope. If there was a sign of hope for a world without hope, a belief in the miraculous intervention of an all-loving God in a broken world, ravaged by disease, it is to be found in the Blessed Virgin Mary. If you and I take our religion, our theology, seriously, we cannot know Jesus, come to Him and become Christ-like unless we also know Mary.

Mary, our mother, was conceived without sin, so that the sinless One could come into the world. She gave her blood and body to the Savior, who would in turn give His body and blood for the remission of our sins. She was at Cana, she was at Calvary, she was there at Pentecost, the beginning of the Church, of which she would also be mother. She was assumed into Heaven to be once again with Jesus, her Son, to intercede for us with Him.

There is no knowing Mary without Jesus Christ, and no knowing the Christ without Mary. She is above all the final proof that God so loved the world that He sent His only Son and lifted up one of this world to the Heavenly realm—the crucified and the assumed, mother and Son, the Son of God and the Mother of God. 

For centuries, Holy Mary has been a source of comfort to untold numbers of people, young and old. She is a genuine mother to us all, from the learned theologian to the factory worker, from the young mother at home to the soldier on the battlefield. Perhaps it is because she seems so much more approachable than the awesome Trinity, for her role in the whole of salvation is marked by lowliness—her humility. Mary is the cause of our joy and sure sign of hope for our troubled world and Church, for she brings us to her Son, Who is Hope incarnate! 

God Bless you and keep safe in Christ!

God Bless you and have a great week!

Deacon George +

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