One hundred years ago in October, the Miracle of the sun occurred, Father Robert Fox, a renowned expert on Fatima, explains: As foretold months in advance, the Lady arrived precisely at noon on the 13th of October. At once, the clouds dissipated, and the heavy rain that had been falling continuously since the previous night stopped. Lucia cried out, “Silence! Our Lady is coming!” From that moment, the three children were aware of nothing but the apparition.

Lucia asked the Lady, “What do you want of me?”  “I want to tell you that a chapel is to be here in my honor….I am the Lady of the Rosary. Continue always to pray the Rosary every day. The war is going to end.” (World War I)

Brighter than the sun, the Mother of God opened her hands to reflect them on the sun.

Then the light from her entire body projected on the sun as she ascended. The little shepherds then beheld, near the sun, the promised visions.  They first saw St. Joseph and the Child Jesus each bless the world with the Sign of the Cross. Nearby was Our Lady, robed in white with a blue mantle. This vision vanished, replaced by a vision of Our Lord and Our Lady of Sorrows. Then Our Lord blessed the world again, only this time as a man. In the next vision, the Lady appeared as Our Lady of Mount Carmel, holding the brown scapular down to the world which indicated that she still desired people to wear it as a sign of consecration to her Immaculate Heart. The people stood pallid with fear, searching the sky as the sun began to make quick, incredible movements in defiance of all cosmic laws. Avelino de Aledda, a reporter for the anticlerical O Seculo, wrote: “The sun looked like a plaque of dull silver, and it was possible to look at it without the least discomfort. It neither burned nor blinded the eyes….At that moment a great shout went up, and one could hear the spectators nearest at hand shouting: “A miracle! A miracle! A marvel! A marvel! As the sun spun and emanated all shades of colors, it descended abruptly three times as if it would crash into the people. Then, upon ascending back to it place, it re-descended three times during a 10-minute period. Anticipating the end of the world, some prayed aloud for forgiveness of their sins. Others exclaimed, “O Jesus! We are all going to die!…Our Lady, help us!”

So what is relevant for us today one hundred years later since this October apparition? The answer is clear. Clothed with the sun at Fatima, Our Lady symbolizes the Church and its Mother calling us to faith, love, and grace.  The Holy Family appearing during the Miracle of the Sun represents a call for families to be holy.  And the appearance of Our Lady of Mount Carmel holding the scapular signifies a summons for each of us to live our consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

What is the main relevance of all the messages of Fatima? Families and individuals must become holy. This must be done as Mary leads all of us to Eucharistic reparation, in living our consecration to her Heart.

God Bless and have a great week!

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